On 14th January, join ROvACC and VACC Slovenia for a city shuttle between LJLJ (Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport) and LROP (Bucharest Otopeni Airport). Full ATC coverage is expected for the entire route, as well as a number of controller practical tests. There is one small catch: expect VOR/NDB approaches at both airports. all arrivals/departures from both airports will be assigned non-RNAV SID/STARs or vectors, and approaches to 08R/26L at LROP should expect the NDB DME approach. At LJLJ, the VOR approach will be recommended. Aircraft that whish to use the ILS at either airport should give this information to the controller on clearance.





Every Friday from 17z until 20z VATSIM Romania invite’s  you to fly into romanian night sky.

Charts here
Sceneries here



Take a flight on 4th of June from Tel Aviv to Bucharest. Ben Gurion and Henri Coanda. Both FIRs and Airports will be fully staffed from 16z to 20z.
*Members that fly during the event between the two airports will be entered into a draw to win one of three of the new AflOSim FSX/P3D payware scenerys of LROP.
**Anyone who controls or flies during the event will be automatically entered onto a draw to win one of three of the new LROP payware sceneries.

Sceneries Here : LLBG , LROP


Dear Virtual Pilots  around the world. 

Booking one of these slots gives you an extra level of realism

Since 2011 Air Danubius in collaboration with vACC Romannia is pleased to announce DOWN THE DANUBE 5 , Bucharest (LROP) RealOps on 2 APR 2016, witch will be bigger and bigger virtual airline event.

Join us on SaturdayApril 02th 2016, between 17z and 22z.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating together with Air Danubius the fifth airline anniversary.

Barlad , RO

+4 0747 383 071

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