Air Danubius is looking for a new manager


Air Danubius, the historical European Virtual Airline Air Danubius it is looking for new staff management.

Air Danubius is a VATSIM registered Virtual Airline created back in April 2011, of course, unrelated to the real world and any similarities are just pure coincidence. Our main bases are at LROP and EDDM. We are flying several airports across Europe and the Middle East.

The company colors are blue and white …water and sky.. and the logo is represented by a swan, a queen of Danube.

We are looking for a new CEO to keep the VA alive. The CEO will get a completely working Virtual Airline with

• 47 pilots,
• a working website,
• a team speak server,
• a productive forum,
• email accounts for the staff,
• an active Facebook page and group,
• an active WhatsUp group,
• a working and active aCARS,
• VA liveries for Airbus, Boeing, Cessna etc, various fleet liveries are available,
• active PHPVMS.

IMPORTANT: All costs for the current server, website and licenses are paid by us.

We need a new brain on the start to get new dynamics into the VA. Due to real life matters, the current CEO had to leave.

We currently looking to give the lease for FREE the VA to that person capable of managing the virtual airline and reactivating it at maximum capacity the Airline, which due to the time lag it is currently going to inactivity.

Our offer to you as new CEO:

• Full control of managing of VA including website, forum, routes, aircraft, time schedule etc..
• On request of newest manager, we can buy on our COST additional PhpVMS modules.

Our request to you as new CEO:

• Danubius VA needs a functional pilot training department (Minimum VATSIM S3 rating is needed since the Pilots training works in cooperation with a VACC).
• The VA needs to perform a good number of routine flights
• Minimum active pilots (we will define together)
• Events (managing the pilot area of traditional yearly event Down the Danube 7 “seven years” every year on the 1st week of April)
• Full pilots management
• Find and inaugurate new flight ROUTES
• RE-Open the Cargo subdivision

For sure a job like this IS a team task. We are looking for you as the manager who is able to attract more members into the different positions, keep the VA running and attractive and simply create new ideas. The platform is there and complete but this task is a big one.

If you are interested, please send your application to . Please attach your CV (resume) including the VATSIM background experience and motivation letter.

Barlad , RO

+40 747 383 071

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