VATSIM Network

VATSIM is the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network, connecting people from around the world flying online or acting as virtual Air Traffic Controllers. This completely free network allows aviation enthusiasts the ultimate as-real-as-it-gets experience. Air Traffic Control (ATC) is available in our communities throughout the world, operating as close as possible to the real-life procedures and utilising real-life weather, airport and route data. On VATSIM you can join people on the other side of the planet to fly and control, with nothing more than a home computer.

Many flight simulators are supported by our pilot software including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, XPlane 10/11, Prepar3D, Microsoft FSX and FS9/2004.  Our Air Traffic Control software is provided free, as is training wherever you wish to become a controller. For those that would like to start flying or would like to improve their skills, training is available as well as plenty of resources and guides to help you get started.

Whether you’re new or an experienced flight simmer, VATSIM looks forward to welcoming you to the community and a fantastic hobby. If you wish to join VATSIM, the process is quick and simple. If you wish to know more you can read about the VATSIM network, or have a look at our community forums. As VATSIM is a global flight simulation network, our Region and Divisions around the world have many more websites, resources and community links that you may be interested in.




VATSIM is a community of around 200.000 members who share a passion for aviation.  It makes no difference whether you want to be at the controls of the latest airliner, or experience the rush of managing chaotic airspace, VATSIM is the place to do just that. VATSIM is made for individuals, so the voice you hear on your headset when on final approach into London Heathrow is an actual person and not a computer generated voice.  In addition, VATSIM is a collection of aviation enthusiasts and you’ll find that people will do whatever they can to help newbies and ensure that all members have fun.  You can also expect your circle of friends to become larger as you meet new people who share the same passion as you.VATEMEA consists of 3 distinct sub-divisions which are:

VATEUD – our European Division (

VATUK – our British Division (

VATRUS – our Russian Division (

VATMENA – our Middle East North Africa Division (

VATIL – our VATSIM Israel Division (

VATEMEA is home to thousands of controllers and even more pilots as well as Virtual Airlines.  Our objective is to provide professional Air Traffic Control while ensuring a fun and friendly environment for all in our airspace.

VATEMEA has jurisdiction over the greatest landmass and airspace in the world.  Our territory stretches from Russia in the east to the United Kingdom in the west, from Sweden in the north to North Africa in the south. We are very proud to mention that in VATEMEA we have a EUROCONTROL Division which in essence is a Single European Sky.  This means that the European airspace is divided into functional blocks according to traffic flow and not national borders which results in easier transition through the airspace once you reach your cruise altitude.

If you want to fly an airliner from Russia to Britain or take a slow and lazy VFR flight in the Mediterranean, or if you want to become an Air Traffic Controller at any one of the busiest airports in the world, VATEMEA is your home.


Simon Irvine

VP Europe, Middle East and Africa Region

VATEUD Division

Dear VATSIM Europe Division member or visitor,
On behalf of the entire VATEUD Staff welcome to the European Division of VATSIM, one of the largest and most active Divisions within the network. VATEUD does not include VATUK or VATRUS, as these are separate divisions under VATEMEA. But for all countries inside VATEUD you are more than welcomed.

On this site we have compiled all necessary information for you as a ATCO or as a Pilot,  for you as new member in the VATSIM Network or advanced member.

The main purpose of our Division is to organize and coordinate all virtual Air Traffic Control Centers within Europe, to monitor and manage membership issues as well as ATC and Pilot Training across the Division to ensure that the service provided across the Division is as seamless and similar as possible.

We provide all the necessary training you need, so that you can become a competent Air Traffic Controller inside the VATSIM Europe Division. And for those who prefer to fly in virtual skies we are also providing comprehensive training for VATSIM Pilot.

VATEUD is a complex organization encompassing more than 30 different Countries. Our biggest challenge is to manage such a large group of volunteers with different skills, nationalities and motivation. We try to let them work, learn and above all enjoy this hobby together. Because that is what VATSIM is all about: to enjoy the adventure of flying or as controller in the ATC setup, and furthermore: to have fun together. In this context VATEUD defines as an entity that crosses borders and create one family of VATSIM members inside Europe.

To achieve this I am proud to work a unique team of highly skilled and above all dedicated people, the VATEUD Staff.

Best regards,

Mattia Torti  / VATEUD1
VATSIM Europe Division Director

Bulgaria vACC

BGvACC is part of the VATSIM Europe Division, which with VATSIM UK and VATSIM Russia form the VATSIM Europe, Midlle East & Africa Region. This forms the european part of the global VATSIM network, which provides ATC services over the internet free of charge to pilots connected to this network using their flight simulator.

Bulgaria vACC

HiSky Virtual Airline was started on the 20th of March 2024, and it’s the youngest fleet in Romania. The aim for this airline is to bring together aviation passionates in a friendly environment who wish to simulate the real operations of the real airline.

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