Romanian Airspace

This page should be a reference point for pilots transiting Bucharest FIR, administrated and controlled by ROvACC.
Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself.

Romania's airspace, also called Bucharest FIR (LRBB) is divided into 3 classes of airspace:
Class A (TMA Bucharest)
Class C (TMA Arad, TMA Constanta, TMA NAPOC, all CTR, all AWY between MSA-FL105)
Class G (all airspace below FL105 where is not TMA, CTR, AWY)

With the introduction of the AIRAC Cycle 2107, Bucharest FIR is part of the Free Route Airspace (FRA) block, only above FL105.

In Bucharest FIR, in standard operations, flights to West (180° - 359°) must fly to an even Flight Level, such as: FL220, FL280, FL360 and flights to East (360° - 179°) must fly to an odd Flight Level, such as: FL210, FL270, FL350. This rule is applied only in RVSM Airspace below FL410. Above FL410, there are no restrictions on the Flight Level or the direction of flight, the rule is to keep 2000 ft difference vertically, so only odd FL should be used (such as: FL430, FL450,...).

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